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Start logging your gears with real time stats. Then, assemble your gearsets with the gears you have already built. Be the freshest squid on the block!

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Building Gears and Gearsets

Start by creating gears that you have in-game. Create a title and description for the new gear, like the purpose or strength of using this gear. Select a head, clothing, or shoe gear, then add skills to it. Using Lean's algorithm, you can see the gear stats updating as you add or change skills!

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After you've created a head, clothing, and shoe gear, you can start building your gearset! Gearsets also contain a title and description, along with which ranked modes you plan on using this gearset. Assemble the gearset with existing pieces of gears that you've created already. Finally, pick a weapon that would complement this gearset well. And boom! You have the freshest build on the block.

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Skill Stats

Thanks to Lean's work, we are able to calculate the effectiveness of skills! When building your gears and gearsets, you'll be able to see the skill stat calculations in real-time. This way, you know your builds are the best

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Gear by sanshou36